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WE ARE CORALS is a photographic alliance of two animals, the coral and the human, like a chimera tracing the genesis of life on Earth. The first form of coral appeared over 500 million years ago, and humans of the Homo genus have existed for 2.8 million years.

This photographic concept takes up the well-known symbiotic principle of the coral – since it is the basis of its functioning – to raise awareness of the current condition of the marine world and all its living beings.

On the one hand, the coral, as an emblem of the protection of marine environments, and on the other, the human face for its capacity for empathy and action. In this way, the association deliberately encourages us to think about the need for links between species and the virtuous aspect that can exist in these interactions.

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we are corals / the podcast

WE ARE CORALS was originally a photographic art concept created in 2016 by Martin Colognoli, blending art and science. This concept has evolved into an awareness-raising tool that combines interviews and photography. The project is now supported by the Coral Guardian association, W2P production and Martin Colognoli.

The WE ARE CORALS podcast aims to raise awareness among as many people as possible of the importance of the oceans, coral and its current condition, which is under threat worldwide. The aim is to get ambassadors involved in supporting this cause, merging them with a coral and giving a global reach to raising awareness of the essential nature of the marine world.

Everyone will be able to immerse themselves in the underwater world through the unique testimonies of personalities who are passionate about the oceans.

Thank you Coral Guardian and W2P Production for this wonderful collaboration.


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