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“Water is the driving force of all nature”. – Leonardo da Vinci


On earth, all life forms depend on liquid water. It is vital for human health and well-being.


By its very nature, water links and connects. From the source to the sea and through its endless cycle, it connects the four corners of the planet.

Water is essential to our survival. We are often blind to what happens under this thin surface, the link between air and water. Shouldn’t we be concerned? Should we be concerned?

The remains represent what remains, what has disappeared, of a group of humans, of a society. These remnants of our time already resemble fossils present for thousands of years, encrusted and covered with sediment.

This contemporary reportage is committed to the protection of the water resource and all the life that is linked to it.

Discover the vestiges of the present, of an emblematic river crossing Lyon, the Rhône.

What are we leaving behind?

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