Since 2013

Do we see what we believe? Are we supposed to believe everything we see? These fundamental questions are mainly about beliefs and one’s intimate relationship to one’s beliefs. Let us leave it to the imagination to define itself these reasonable limits. In fine to materialize the border between two elements that are water and air. 

Martin Colognoli has always been fascinated by this central element that covers 70% of the planet’s surface. can deflect light; regularly change its behavior, form and state. On one side, we have the sky that animates the most beautiful myths and stories. On the other side, the sea that has long aroused curiosity and sometimes even fear because, for a long time, humans could not cross it carefully.

The human body evades the laws of transcendent gravity as well as the horizontality of the surface.

We also wanted to thank the freedivers who accompanied me in this noble experience: José Plàcido Escaño Roepstorff – Maria Arcos Fortes – Evelyn Sztojanov & Julien Holleville

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