Immersive photographique exhibition

by Martin Colognoli

Dive into “Night of Time“, a journey to the origins of life on Earth.

Life on Earth was made possible by several factors, sunlight, liquid water, and gravity. And from this concordance, life was created, the exact origin of which has not yet been identified.

So we realise that life is still mysterious. To date, the oldest traces of life on Earth date back 3.8 billion years. It was then exclusively aquatic and remained so for almost 3.4 billion years.

The miracle of life is a fragile balance and time is its architect.


FESTIVAL AiRT de famille: Opening 29 April – 31 July 34 rue de la charité, Lyon 2

The partners of NIGHT OF TIMES

- The exhibition in pictures -

The residence

I’ve been creating for 7 weeks now, and my residency at the Musée des Fabrics de Lyon has come to an end. It’s showcasing an immersive group exhibition with 27 artists from different backgrounds.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a photographic retrospective of 7 intense weeks of residency with 26 other wonderful artists.

During these 7 weeks, I was given carte blanche to design and set up the scenography of a 100 m² room, including, of course, my photographic work. I went beyond my limits and I don’t regret it.

My universe is called “Night of times“, and it retraces a journey to the origins of life on earth by combining my great passions: Art, Science and Photography. I can’t wait for you to discover my universe and that of each artist in the collective. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted me, helped me, advised me, supported me… A big thank you to all the artists for your energy and generosity. A very big thank you to OMART and METRONOMIE. You gave me a wonderful opportunity to express myself fully.

And here’s the result…!

- La création en images -
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