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For Martin Colognoli, each experience is unique. We try to convey this uniqueness in our service. That’s why we encourage personal contact. Every detail is thought out so that the sale is an exclusive experience.

Our prints are available in 30 copies per format for each photograph on our site. Moreover, your print will be signed and numbered by the artist and will be delivered to you with a certificate of authenticity.

We thank you for your trust and look forward to talking with you!

– Martin Colognoli and his team


1. Choice of the photograph

Once you have chosen your favorite photograph, please note its reference on the site (e.g.: Art -> We Are Corals -> 3rd photo).

2. Choice of dimensions

Now please select the format. You can choose between the following sizes: 30x20 cm, 60x40 cm, 90x60 cm, 120x80 cm.

3. Choice of the support

Select your media. Please indicate if you want a single paper print. You will receive the photograph printed on satin paper half-matte rolled. Or if you want the print with dibond and aluminum frame.

4. Contact us

The last step! All you have to do is send an email with your illustration and your selections and we will send you a quote as soon as possible! Send your form to 'adrsse below.


A 100% French handcrafted production.

By working with LaboLynx, Martin Colognoli guarantees the excellent quality of his prints

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Half-matte satin paper

This semi-matte coated paper guarantees you a rendering that meets your ambitions. The perfect smoothness and the extra whiteness of this paper reinforce the rendering of the colors.

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Dibond support and aluminium frame

Dibond is a laminate composed of three layers of material: a polyethylene sheet for the core (2 to 3mm) and the top and bottom sheets are aluminum (0.3mm). Thus, it allows a great rigidity and a flatness, stainless, rot-proof, which resists to corrosion, UV and shocks.
The aluminum gives a very modern and professional side, it will highlight the chosen photograph. Thanks to its ergonomics, it also adds a dimension in relief to the photo with the illusion that it floats in the air!


Labo Lynx

Professional photographic laboratory for silver and digital printing based in Lyon since 1987, we focus on the quality of our services by privileging the relationship and the listening of our customers: companies, institutions, advertising agencies, architects, professional photographers or enlightened amateurs. Combining digital technologies with traditional methods, our printers, retouchers and processors will treat your work with the highest standards.
Dibond support and aluminium frame