Born in 1985 on the French Mediterranean coast, I am a photographer and marine biologist, transcended by aquatic environments.

I mainly question myself on the theme of the human being and its impact on the living being of which I am a part. And this by mixing commitment, art, science, and convictions.

When I was younger, I first turned to my first source of inspiration and studied marine biology and ecology. These five years of study gave me the opportunity to discover coral reefs, which gave meaning to my dreams. I naturally specialize in their study.

It is in Indonesia that my professional career begins. I started, very enthusiastically, as a manager in a structure exporting corals and other marine animals for the aquarium industry. However, I quickly realized that I was participating in spite of myself, in a legal plundering of this marine life that I admire so much. I saw myself contributing to an irresponsible exploitation of both the marine environment and the coastal populations. The realization will lead me to stop this experience.

“This experience made me understand that humans draw on natural resources without providing any compensation.

It was at this point that I decided to dedicate my life to the protection of one of the richest ecosystems in the world, but also one of the most fragile and threatened: coral reefs. I co-founded the NGO “Coral Guardian” with the goal of protecting coral reef ecosystems through the involvement of the communities that depend on them.

I like to define myself as an artistic, creative, wandering and free spirit who moves in his imaginary world and likes to present in fantasy the thoughts of reality.

“My photographic inspiration is the fruit of my experiences, my sensitivity in a very particular time where Humanity reaps what it has sown. “

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