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- I mainly question myself on the theme of the human being and its impact on the living being of which it is a part. And that by mixing commitment, art, science, and convictions -

Corail - The Book

CORAIL tells the story of the rebirth of an Indonesian fishing village. Having become actors in the restoration of the coral reefs that surround them, they are today the guarantors of the safeguard of their resources. Through the use of strong, often spectacular images, this first book by Martin Colognoli, whose approach oscillates between the documentary and the artistic, is a hymn to the defense of biodiversity and a tribute to the coral as an ecosystem essential to our survival.

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It is in Indonesia that my professional career begins. I started, very enthusiastically, as a manager in a structure exporting corals and other marine animals for the aquarium industry. However, I quickly realized that I was participating in spite of myself, in a legal plundering of this marine life that I admire so much. I saw myself contributing to an irresponsible exploitation of both the marine environment and the coastal populations. The realization will lead me to stop this experience.


- My photographic inspiration is the fruit of my experiences, of my sensitivity in a very particular time where Humanity reaps what it has sown -