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- Coral, is a story about fascination -

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To make a powerful story accessible to the greatest number of people through artistic photography.
Its ambition is to become a tool to raise awareness of the fragility of life through a moment of wonder and optimism, a potential beginning of a future change.

It is also a contribution to the protection of coral reefs. Indeed, the profits of the pre-sales will be used to support the coral reef protection program on the island of Hatamin in Indonesia (supervised by the Coral Guardian association).

In addition, this book is an aesthetic materialization of an intense human adventure of several years. This adventure is both imaginary and real, hence a graphic choice and a beautiful object that make sense with this double facet of the same world, intimate and collective.


Founded in 2012, Coral Guardian is a French association of international solidarity that works for the conservation of coral ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. The goal being to involve local communities through the restoration, protection and enhancement of the coral ecosystem, degraded locally by human pressures.



The photographic book CORAIL is an immersion in the fragile world of coral and the communities that depend on it. It gives an account of solidarity, respect and the link to life. A world at the same time raw, real and dreamlike, fabulous. This book is thus situated between art and documentary.

Through the staging of strong, often spectacular images, the French photographer launches an appeal to save these emblematic ecosystems through an artistic reportage that traces six years of field experience.

It is a hymn to the defense of biodiversity and a tribute to the coral as an ecosystem essential to our survival.


CORAL has the honor to have a preface written by two prestigious personalities: Charlie Véron and Denis Allemand.

Charlie Veron or “the godfather of coral”, born in 1945 in Sydney, Charlie Veron is an Australian biologist specialized in the study of corals and their reefs.
He has named about 20% of the world’s coral reefs and discovered and delineated the “Coral Triangle”.
Chalie Veron is also an environmental activist.

Denis Allemand is a university professor in animal biology and scientific director of the Scientific Center of Monaco. His main field of research concerns the physiology of marine organisms, mainly corals, and their use as model organisms to understand the major problems of biology (biomineralization, symbiosis, aging…).

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Based on the original idea of Martin Colognoli, a team of professionals (art direction, publishing house, writing, printer…) have given priority to the image.

First, by the choice of a large portrait format 34 cm by 25.5 cm of 156 pages, with a hard cover printed in silk-screen, a beautiful paper pleasant to the touch.

The layout alternates spectacular photographs of the coral (alive or dead and back to life), portrait photographs, and more abstract, contemplative black and white photographs. It shows all the dimensions of Martin Colognoli’s photographic work: both a desire to bear witness and a desire to propose a more artistic work that aims to sublimate the coral.

A book totally designed and printed in France, sold for 49€ in pre-order and 59€ from December 5th!


Hemeria Publishing has partnered with Printmodel®️ for the production of their books, and the book will benefit from their unique expertise in image reproduction on printed media, with custom choices of paper, printing technology, and enhancements (screen printing, branding).


Printmodel uses only noble materials, notably paper from sustainably managed forests and produced in compliance with FSC and PEFC standards, in order to limit its footprint on the environment. The CORAIL project will participate in the reforestACTION program: for each book purchased, a tree is planted.

You want to get the photographic CORAL ?
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