Empowering costal communities

About the organization

Coral Guardian is a non-profit organization co-founded by the photographer. It plays a major role in Martin’s professional activity. Particularly thanks to the actions it undertakes to preserve the coral ecosystems.


Since 2012, it has grown and conquered the hearts of seabed lovers. From now on, it is expanding internationally with field programs in the Indo-Pacific and Mediterranean Sea. It is within the framework of the activity he performs within the association that Martin was able to discover and immortalize his encounter with corals.


Coral Guardian studies the scientific data related to its different restoration areas, especially on the adaptation of corals to global warming, and its team is constantly innovating to improve techniques to maximize the growth rate of transplanted corals and the return of biodiversity.


La restauration corallienne est aussi un outil de sensibilisation. Grâce à cet outil, Coral Guardian sensibilise les communautés locales en promouvant l’utilisation de méthodes de pêche durables et, à l’international, au travers de son programme “Adopte un corail”, de son kit de sensibilisation et de divers événements.


40,000 corals transplanted in the last 5 years // 30.2 times more fish in 4 years // 1.2 HA of marine protected area created // 30 local jobs created since the beginning