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- Coral is a book that tells the story of a fascination -

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This book has been imagined as an immersion in the world of coral and the communities that depend on it directly. A world that is both very real and wonderful.
Martin Colognoli’s desire is above all to show the interaction between humans and the living world that surrounds them and of which they are a part. He is particularly interested in the life of traditional communities that are confronted with the modern world. What is the impact on these communities of human activities born of new technologies, of new methods to produce, consume, communicate, always more?

The moments photographed were taken on the spot, in the spontaneity of the moment, without staging, in order to translate as well as possible the naturalness of a world and a lifestyle that fascinate him. Through this photographic work, he wanted to pay an authentic homage to the inhabitants of a village with whom bonds have been forged over time. This book answers a strong need to share his emotions by mixing imagination, reality, convictions and innovation.
All the photographs are the result of field experience and encounters, and are dedicated to all those who support and inspire his work.

Here is the story of a personal history, tracing the solidarity, the respect and the link to the living which surrounds us and of which we are all part.

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