Born in 1985 on the French Mediterranean coast, I grew up obsessed by the aquatic world.

I therefore turned to my primary source of inspiration and studied marine biology and ecology. During these five years of study, I had the opportunity to travel. Discovering coral reefs then brought meaning to my childhood dreams. So, I naturally specialized in their study.

My professional career began in Indonesia, as a manager in an export company for corals and other marine animals destined to aquariums. I was very enthusiastic when I arrived, but I quickly became disillusioned when he realized that I was participating in a legal pillage and poaching of this marine life that I cherished so much.

This experience made me realize that humans are draining natural resources without any compensation. In fact, the need to fight to protect the ecosystems on which we depend on became clear to me.

Thus, I co-founded the NGO Coral Guardian at that time. The main idea was to protect coral ecosystems through involving the people who depend on them. In this particular case, it is traditional fishing populations who are fighting for their food sovereignty.

My intimate bond with aquatic environments and photography leads me to share my emotions, both through underwater and terrestrial images. I follow my intuition by mixing imagination, reality, convictions, and innovation.

The photos are the fruit of my field experience, encounters, and sensitivity. However, I do not forget those who help, support, and inspire me. A big thank you to them.



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